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The charm of stainless steel decorative sculpture

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For colored stainless steel sculptures (images), many people do not understand how it is produced and which spaces are used. Today, I will share with you the application and production process of stainless steel sculptures.
gold stainless steel sculptures stainless steel decorative sculptures
Stainless steel statues are available in primary (natural) colors and are customized according to venue display needs and design needs. For interior decoration applications, generally colored gold or other colors, brilliant colors attract the audience's attention and decorative effect. Indoor applications are generally used in important space display positions, highlighting the image of the entire site space, displaying unique artistic effects and viewing, and enhancing brand memory.
As for the production and production of colored stainless steel decorative sculptures (images), it is determined according to the appearance of the design, and at the same time, it also needs to meet the requirements of on-site installation, so there are many factors to be considered in the production of statues. For small decorations, it is relatively simple, only the appearance effect can be considered, and it can be placed anywhere. To achieve a decorative effect.
stainless steel decorative sculptures stainless steel decorative art
Generally, in the production of large-scale stainless steel statues, the installation location must be considered first, and then safety and sturdiness must be considered, so this is also a test for the structure. After all, safety is the most important thing, followed by viewing. During production, structural designers need to consider the internal structure, how to use materials, and the appearance of structural components. The second is the steel splicing, polishing, and coloring of the appearance. At the same time, the splicing method needs to be considered for oversized parts, which is affected by the size of the coloring equipment. The influence of the container and the relationship between the volume of the container, we must consider how to perfect the splicing before production, so that the final design effect can be achieved. Therefore, there are too many factors to consider in the production of large-scale sculptures, which is the need for communication and design deepening before the production process can be carried out.
Stainless steel sculpture has the characteristics of bright appearance, strong and durable texture, and high safety properties. It is superior to other craft materials. The production and production can be changed according to the design needs, and the production flexibility is high. It can produce products with various shapes, styles, and various design effects, which can easily meet the needs of design and display.
stainless steel decorative art stainless steel decorative art factory
The structure of stainless steel sculpture is complex, the craftsmanship is various, and it takes more time. It can only be done by hand, so there will be some errors in the production of each piece, which is normal. Everyone is concerned about price and weight. In fact, all these stainless steel sculptures are customized. It takes a long time to produce, and the price varies. The actual weight shall prevail. The price has an actual relationship with the size and complexity of the appearance and shape, and the actual design effect and real-time quotation shall prevail.
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