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Reasons for the price increase of sea freight?

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Friends who do import and export are very concerned about the trend of ocean freight, which will bring pressure to everyone in the transportation.
Since the emergence of the new crown epidemic, both normal life and work have been disrupted, and it has had a huge impact on various countries and people. In addition to physical health, living habits and work needs are all affected to varying degrees.
Why the sea freight has been increasing recently?
For bosses who do import and export business, the biggest headache is the changes in shipping and the uncertain factors of storage, which lead to more difficult procurement and increased procurement costs, and the future situation is still unclear, and they do not know how to operate. Many people anxiously wait for the situation to improve, but they have not improved. However, some more sensitive bosses chose to wait, and only a small number of bosses rushed forward. This may be Pinbo. When we can’t see the situation, those who choose Pinbo have been given priority to adapt to this business environment, while those who continue to wait have become more and more confused and at a loss. After all, everyone needs to live and survive. .
In fact, the emergence of the new crown epidemic is already in the process of shuffling, and it is the normal environment for change. It is sometimes a hindrance, but sometimes it is an opportunity. For bold adaptation, it is the arrival of new opportunities.
Let me give you a real example. In April this year, the sea freight from Guangzhou to India was ¥2000/20-foot container. At that time, many customers wanted to purchase goods but chose to wait, but some customers continued to purchase. Pay high shipping costs. Well, after two months, when waiting friends inquired about the freight, they found that it was ¥1300 higher than the previous two months. That is to say, by July, the sea freight had risen to ¥3300/20-foot container. At this time, the buyers are even more afraid to move, and the boss who bought boldly before can save the freight, while still operating normally and walking on the road of making money. What is more understandable is that because of the procurement cost. Increasingly, the competition has fewer opponents. In some operations, they not only made money, but also occupied more market, and grasped the local price control power of the product. This is a new opportunity under the epidemic.
There are several reasons for the increase in sea freight.
Well, why the ocean freight rates that you are concerned about continue to increase, today I will give you an analysis to help you choose and respond to the new situation.
There are several reasons for the increase in sea freight. The most prominent one is the increase in various costs caused by the imbalance of supply and demand. Maybe you still don’t understand. Continue to listen to me: During the epidemic, the imbalance was during the epidemic, and foreign production was still not in normal production. A large number of exports, and China’s epidemic situation has been controlled intact, production has resumed, and a large number of exports have been exported to many countries. This has caused a shortage of containers. The shipped containers cannot be transported back in a hurry. The shipping company has changed from two-way to one-way, that is, empty backhaul. Return, increase the cost of return. If the shipping company needs to wait time to wait for the return of the goods, this will increase the cost, and the domestic transportation capacity is not enough, so the shipping company chooses to return to the empty warehouse and quickly return the second batch of goods for export, which will cause the transportation capacity. Unbalanced, increased transportation costs. In addition, due to a large number of orders coming in from all over the world, domestic containers are in short supply, and the exported containers cannot be pulled back. The speed of domestic production containers cannot keep up. This makes it difficult to find a container for export and increases transportation costs. The company had to go abroad to transport empty containers to solve the shortage of containers, which further increased the transportation cost. Finally, due to the shortage of terminal personnel in various countries, the sea port congestion was serious, and the waiting cost of the shipping company was increased. The emergence of this phenomenon has finally increased the transportation cost, which has led to the reason that the more people wait, the more expensive the cost. In this way, I would like to believe that everyone understands the reason for price increases, pay attention to CBSA international, and take you to learn more about foreign trade procurement knowledge and product information.
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Many people still ask when prices will be reduced. Objectively speaking, no one can answer this question. Only when the global epidemic is fully controlled can recovery be possible. But this kind of thinking is not optimistic. We should adapt to this. Environment, adapt to this higher level of business rules, this kind of rules will not change much in a short time, only slowly adapt to the high-price market.


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