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What is the difference between embossed board and etching board? How to apply?

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Viewed from the surface, the pattern edges of the embossed sheet are relatively smooth, suitable for fine grain embossing, while the etched sheet has straight edges, sharp edges, vertical, clear and beautiful texture, and large patterns can be etched.
etching SS sheet
Embossed plates and etching plates belong to the same category of products, but the processing technology is different, and the cost and price are also different. Embossing is suitable for fine lines, shallow lines, small patterns, simple process, fast production speed, and relatively cheap price. Etching can be flexibly customized and is not affected by the quantity. Various patterns are available, but the price is relatively more expensive, the process is relatively complicated, and the time is longer.
embossed SS sheet
      The etching plate is on the surface of stainless steel, through some chemical methods, and then engraved various patterns. During the entire process, they can be partially drawn or processed by other complex processes. In the process, the overall pattern is light and dark, and the color is relatively gorgeous, and there will be a relatively good decorative effect in the process of use.
embossed stainless steel sheet
      In the process of using the embossing plate, a concave-convex pattern is made on the surface of the steel plate, which has a good smoothness, and also has a better viewing degree, and is more realistic and beautiful in the application process. In the whole process, it has some better results, and is relatively durable, durable and wear-resistant, and has better quality. It is also easy to clean and does not require maintenance. Generally speaking, it will be very good.
etch stainless steel sheet
      Both the embossed plate and the etching plate have their own different advantages. In the selection process, we should correctly understand these specific aspects and be able to consider our own needs. Both are very beautiful, but in different places, there will be certain differences in needs. Therefore, when we choose, we should also consider what we need, so that you can make more choices after making your choice. Good application.


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