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When the overseas colored stainless steel project is under construction

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Due to the covlid-19 epidemic, overseas work is still starting, and the color stainless steel project is being installed. This is a five-star hotel project.
The installation of colored stainless steel doors and windows is a technical problem, and safety needs to be considered, especially frame installation and glass installation. The sequence is very important. Now let us briefly introduce the methods and techniques of door and window installation.

Because it is an overseas project, the color stainless steel doors and windows are manufactured in China, and they are individually packaged and the frame is individually packaged. If the size is too large, it needs to be assembled, re-assembled on site, or simple welding.
When installing on site, first install the door frame, and fix the upper and lower tops. The top gap is filled with foam caulking agent to fill and fix it quickly. After the frame is fixed, install the glass. When installing the glass, First install the glass upwards into the groove of the upper beam, then align it with the groove of the lower beam, and then apply glass glue around the frame. If the stainless steel is golden, use golden glass glue.

After installation, first wipe the glass clean, and then tear off the protective film on the surface of the colored stainless steel. If the stainless steel surface is stained, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and clean water. If it is oily, use a special stainless steel degumming agent or lightly wipe it with air and oil. Remember not to use acidic or alkaline liquids to clean, it will destroy the stainless steel surface effect.

For more details about on-site construction, please pay attention to relevant news and information on this site. We will continue to update the relevant programs and maintenance methods of more colored stainless steel products.


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