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The difference between stainless steel art vase and sculpture?

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Stainless steel products, in addition to making furniture, daily necessities, interior decorative walls and some decorative applications, stainless steel has a wide range of uses. Its flexible customization gives designers more imagination space. Stainless steel vases are similar to stainless steel sculptures, using art Design techniques, to produce a variety of different shapes of art, they are mainly for display, more decorative and ornamental.
SS gold decorative vases SS gold decorative sculpture
Let's take a look at the differences and production methods of the two products.
First of all, they need to come from the designer's artistic design to form a perfect decorative work, and then through the improvement and deepening of the structural designer's design, they become a perfect artistic shape. According to these formulated shapes, they are processed and formed step by step, and finally completed. An integral stainless steel product is then processed into various colors to meet decorative needs and achieve the final effect of the designer.
The main difference between stainless steel vases and sculptures is that the application environment is different. Although they are both display and decoration, their application scenarios are the same and different. In the indoor display, stainless steel vases pay more attention to external decoration, mainly welcoming guests, with some beautiful flower displays, pretending to look forward to the atmosphere of the scene, especially in festivals or events, it has the style of the protagonist. It also has a special decorative effect in outdoor gardens. Stainless steel sculptures are mainly used in themed walls or themed functional areas. They are mainly displayed in artistic scenes, highlighting the style of space design and the decorative effect of the overall space. Its decorative requirements will be higher, requiring a specific design space for it to be displayed.
SS gold decorative pots SS gold decorative vase
In production, the production process of stainless steel vase (pot) is similar to that of decorative sculpture. The vase is relatively simple, with a simple appearance and easy processing. Sculpture production is quite difficult, requires high craftsmanship, requires technical difficulty, and takes longer to process.
SS gold decorative sculpture SS decorative sculpture
In a word, stainless steel vases (pots) and stainless steel sculptures have similarities and great differences, but the production process is the same. If you want to know more about the processing and application of stainless steel products, pay attention to CBSA International, you will get more new information and new products, new technologies and new arts.


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