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Production process of stainless steel furniture

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The production process of stainless steel luxury furniture is more complicated, and it needs to go through many processes to complete.
Stainless steel luxury furniture, also known as hotel decorative furniture, was first used in hotel interior decoration to attract more VIPs to experience it. At that time, due to the high price, it was only used as decorative furniture for high-end acoustics. More than ten years have passed, with the good economy of the public, many stainless steel luxury furniture has entered the home and commercial interior applications, and has been liked by the public.
stainless steel decorative screen SS hotel decorative screen
Stainless steel luxury furniture is classified according to the function of use: living room sofa, dining table and chair, corner table and coffee table (center reception table), console, luxury bed with metal decoration, bedside cabinet, dressing table, etc., and some fashion High-end interior flower stands, these stainless steel furniture products without gold or rose gold, are loved by everyone.
When it comes to the craftsmanship of these luxury stainless steel furniture, it is currently the most difficult and complex furniture products among all furniture. Whether from a design perspective or processing application, it must reflect the creative beauty and use effect of the furniture, and satisfy the public's perception and use. comfort.
General stainless steel furniture is completed by conventional welding, grinding, splicing and matching with basic seat cushions, but high-end luxury stainless steel furniture is different. The links all contain high technical difficulties. Let me share some production processes with you, so that you can have a preliminary understanding and purchase...
stainless steel dining table stainless steel dining table
The production process of luxury stainless steel furniture is usually divided into the following parts:
1. Structural decomposition design and splicing processing. The main structure of the furniture is composed of stainless steel structure. The craftsman needs to interpret and analyze the entire furniture design, and cut materials according to the size of the drawings, cut, weld and assemble, polish and polish, and then color. This is A series of processes can complete the structure of the metal part. This link is very important. It plays a key role in the entire furniture, so it must be done well and beautifully. Specifically how to do it, I will not describe it in detail here. If you want to know more, you can check the previous information, and there are special explanations on the production of details.
2. Assembly of the metal part, according to the design of the furniture, we have made the key stainless steel materials, this part only needs to be assembled according to the design requirements, including the soft part, the fruit-packed assembly combined with the stainless steel. This part is also very demanding. First of all, the craftsman must be very familiar with the process of the metal and non-metal parts. At the same time, they must also pay attention to the protection of the metal surface. Therefore, the craftsmen in this link need to be very strict, and the wages of the craftsmen are also very high. Here I remind you why some furniture with the same appearance is so cheap. This is the reason, the quality is not good, and the appearance has many flower marks.
3. Packaging. Stainless steel luxury furniture is relatively squeamish. It needs care and requires high packaging. Some manufacturers do not pay much attention to it. As a result, it is sent to customers, resulting in a large number of flower marks or engravings. Professional manufacturers will definitely pay attention to the packaging structure, and carry out different packaging designs according to the shape of the furniture, so that each piece of furniture can be safely protected and smoothly reach the hands of customers.
stainless steel luxury bed stainless steel luxury sofa
Since there are many details, if you are concerned about the details, you can check the relevant information on this site, or check the column pictures of the relevant packaging, transportation and loading.
Well, to learn more about luxury stainless steel furniture, please pay attention to CBSA International, you will get the latest content of more related stainless steel products.


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