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How many color processes are there for color stainless steel sheets?

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The colored stainless steel sheet is colored on the stainless steel sheet through different processes to obtain a colorful appearance.
What kinds of color processes are currently available on the market for coloring? Now I will break it down for everyone.
PVD coloring of colored stainless steel sheet: In the earliest period, it was generated by vacuum plating, which is what everyone thinks is the coloring process of PVD coating. This process is relatively mature, durable and not easy to fade, accounting for 80% of the current market applications.
PVD stainless steel decorative sheet pvd stainless steel sheet factory
Water plating coloring of colored stainless steel sheet: It is the surface color process generated by the chemical reaction of water ion mixing. This process is expensive but has high production efficiency. This process coloring is only suitable for interior decoration applications and not suitable for outdoor applications. Its durability depends on the detailed operation of the production process and the generation time, which also leads to the cost-effective relationship of the product. The decoration of this kind of coloring is more diversified than PVD, and it can generate more colors that PVD can't generate.
water plating color stainless steel sheet water embossed SS sheet
Baking paint coloring of colored stainless steel sheet: also known as nano-coloring by market professionals. This coloring method has become popular in the past two years. It is also particularly easy to use and durable. It can also be used for outdoor applications. It is easy to color and has high efficiency. The cost is low, the color can be customized arbitrarily, without any restriction, any material can be colored.
baking paint color SS sheet baking paint color SS sheet
Well, at present, these three types of colors are mainly used, and the application effect is particularly good, durable, good in appearance, and charming in decorative effects.
Welcome to learn more about the process and technical applications of colored stainless steel sheets, and continue to pay attention to CBSA International to learn more about the latest information and product applications.


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