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Color stainless steel plate quality index

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Color stainless steel plate quality index

consumed color stainless steel plate Stop the inspection during the pickling process of hot-rolled strip, check the width, thickness, thickness deviation, the shape and appearance of the plate can meet the quality specifications, and sometimes check whether there are defects such as shrinkage holes that damage the value of the product. Send hot rolled coils that meet the quality requirements to cold rolling. From the beginning of cold rolling to product forming, the inspection and test items for each process are as follows.

1. Cold rolling: Cold rolling is the process of determining the original thickness of non-ferrous stainless steel plates. In order to use conventional raw materials and maximize the consumption of qualified cold-rolled strips that meet the requirements of the order, an x-ray thickness gauge is usually used to control the strip thickness.

2. Annealing: Whether it is box annealing or continuous annealing, the hardness and processing performance of the product must be checked whether it meets the requirements, so the original plate should be stopped after annealing Hardness test and Elman cup process test.

color stainless steel plate

3. Adjust Leveling: Leveling the original board is the last process to determine the product's appearance roughness, hardness, and board shape. Inspection and testing of the above items should be stopped.

4. Electroplating, cutting, sorting: the consumption of electroplated non-ferrous stainless steel plate is to stop trimming on the coil preparation line before electroplating to determine the strip width Send back to the tin plating line. In the tinning line, after tinning, it is directly cut into regular sizes on the line, and sorting is stopped according to the appearance quality of the coating and the shape of the coating. Some plants are sent to a special cutting section after curling to stop cutting and sorting.

In the cutting process, always check whether the size and right angle meet the specifications. Before the shearing machine, use a beta or gamma ray thickness gauge to check the thickness of the plate, and measure the weight of each plate after shearing, and calculate the bias voltage of the plate according to the thickness of the thickness gauge. In this way, the calibration of the measuring instrument can be stopped at the same time. The pinhole detector is also often used to stop the detection of pinhole defects before the shearing machine. These steel plates with unqualified thickness and pinholes are automatically put into the stacker after being cut.



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