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How to package and transport stainless steel furniture for export?

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As a colorful stainless steel furniture product, the volume is relatively large, especially the stainless steel screen partition used in hotels, so packaging is a very important procurement link.

In order to deliver products to customers perfectly, in addition to design improvements in the processing links, we use reasonable assembly methods to solve the problem, and also consider factors such as the size of the container and the convenience of loading to help customers complete the purchase in the easiest way Link.
For ordinary furniture, the whole installation method is adopted, and the customer can use it after purchasing it without installation. This will be more convenient and ensure the stable and safe use of the furniture.

During the loading process, we also consider the size of the furniture and choose different loading methods. If the size is smaller, use ordinary methods to transport and load the truck. If the size is larger, purchase a crane or plug-in truck for loading to ensure that each piece is loaded. The cargo is safely loaded and will not be damaged by external forces.
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