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How to ship the colorful stainless steel screens?

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How to load and ship bulky goods that everyone cares about can ensure that the products reach their destination in good condition. Today I will share with you our loading standards and packaging solutions.

For large products, stainless steel screens generally require relatively high size, large specifications, and easy installation. Then we need to measure according to the capacity of the container, analyze whether the maximum size of the container load matches the size of the product, and then The design drawings are optimized to ensure the integrity of the designed product and the convenience of transportation while not affecting the original design, improving the quality of production and reducing the complexity of on-site installation.
When optimizing the customer’s design drawings, we will usually communicate with the customer to understand the attributes and characteristics of the product, and propose the best optimization plan, as far as possible to solve the convenience of product processing, transportation and installation, especially for For overseas customers, installation and transportation are issues that customers worry about. For this reason, we will use the most professional perspective and design capabilities to help customers solve their purchase concerns, so that customers can easily purchase and improve work efficiency.

When CBSA receives an order from a customer, our first consideration is to communicate the details of the order. For oversized products, we propose an assembly design plan for the customer to choose. After confirming, we will optimize the drawing and communicate with the customer again to confirm the final plan, and then Proceed to the next step of material preparation processing procedure. Therefore, for large products, we have very professional experience, and we have operated many loading schemes similar to large-scale transportation, especially during the loading process, we choose different loading according to the weight of the goods, the size of the outer packaging, the volume and other parameters. Plan to ensure that each product is safe and delivered to the customer's target location in good condition. If you have any loading or customization of large products, you can contact us, we will serve you enthusiastically and solve all your needs and purchasing concerns.

Welcome to pay attention to CBSA International, pay attention to the customized scheme of colored stainless steel products, we will provide you with more services and technical processing guidance.


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