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Can the hotel decoration stainless steel screen partition be assembled without welding

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-04-26 14:58:19
Many hotels are equipped with stainless steel screens, but they cannot be welded on site. What should I do? Today I will introduce the assembly design plan, which will be welded on site.

Colored stainless steel screens have been widely used around the world, and have been favored by major designers. It not only brings decorative effects to the space, but also does not consider the use of wall space, but also plays a role in space separation. However, some designers recently asked that many hotels want to add partition screens as functional partitions, but they cannot be welded on site. They have a headache in designing this aspect.
According to this situation, our design team has considered the assembly method in the screen design and processing, but we must consider how to assemble it when designing, because not all screens are possible. The structural design is reasonable. Therefore, the assembly structure is changed by design to improve the installation efficiency. Especially for foreign customers, this method is more needed. It is convenient to install and saves transportation costs.

Well, customers who need to assemble, send drawings, our design team will review the optimization feasibility, and then give the best design options for selection. Thanks for paying attention to the latest information on this site, it will definitely make you achieve satisfactory results.


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