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Production and application of craft glass

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Craft glass is the top technology in the glass industry, which carries the front-end technology field of glass development. Its existence is no longer the essence of glass, but a deeper display of glass art and application trends.

diamond crystal glass diamond crystal glass
Craft glass is mainly used in high-end architectural interior decoration, commercial space, luxurious indoor KTV bar, overseas palace decoration, etc. The difficulty of craft glass production lies in its complexity and the designer's application requirements for it. The top designers come from Hong Kong, China. They lead the design trend. Hong Kong is close to mainland Guangdong, and has local advantages in production and research and development. Hong Kong has a unique geographical location and can play more trendy works.
art glass application art glass application
Craft glass was originally produced by Hong Kong designers, produced in mainland China, and used in European and American countries. Most of them are high-end hotels, highlighting the characteristics of glass and the momentum of the scene. The combination of transparent texture and metal creates an unparalleled dream effect.
At present, craft glass has a development history of more than ten years, and it is deeply pursued by the majority of designers to add more outstanding works to the design. CBSA International provides a large number of design elements for Hong Kong designers, including a large number of designer original products, in order to To help you know more about the application and design of craft glass, please pay attention to CBSA International, you will get more information about the application of glass technology and new materials.


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