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Excellent application for embossed colored stainless steel

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The stunning effect of stainless steel decorative sheets in the interior.
Stainless steel decorative sheet is currently widely used. In addition to product production, it is also very important and widely used for interior space decoration. Today, I will show you the design and application of interior space.
embossing SS indoor application  embossing SS indoor application
The color stainless steel decorative sheet has various thicknesses. Generally, the interior decoration is between 0.8 and 1.2. It includes wall decoration, ceiling decoration, pillar decoration, hotel image wall and lobby decoration, etc. For wall decoration, I believe everyone If it is not silent, I will not explain it in detail, just look at the picture below.
Today, I mainly talk about ceiling applications, which are often suitable for special space scenarios, such as bars, tea bars, restaurants, banquet halls, KTV, and important exhibition halls of individual companies.
embossing SS indoor ceiling application  embossing SS indoor ceiling application
The colored stainless steel of the ceiling is generally mirror-finished, which highlights the depth and height of the space and makes the space vision more open and expandable, and the mirror-embossed stainless steel sheet with general special processing is used. This kind of product is very attractive and affordable. Personalized, it will bring special beauty and freshness to the space. It is mainly a magic weapon to display the space and attract passengers. After many guests visit, they will recommend friends to watch and experience. It's a nice decorative case.
Embossed stainless steel sheet is made of mirror stainless steel sheet for compression molding to form various three-dimensional pattern effects, so that the material can exert a beautiful decorative effect. This process comes from the creative inspiration of the design master, combined with the production process The requirements and standards are tested to achieve the desired decorative effect. You can feel the charm of embossed stainless steel sheet in indoor applications through pictures.
As for other application scenarios of colored stainless steel decorative sheets, you can pay attention to the introduction of other columns on this site, and you will see more other effects of colored stainless steel decorative applications.


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