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How to design luxury furniture metal feet/frame

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Luxury furniture is furniture with metal feet or metal decoration, also hotel furniture, stainless steel furniture.
How to design the metal part of luxury furniture is not an easy task for many furniture factories. It seems simple. Others have many complicated processes and procedures that require the cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises to complete.
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The most important thing in designing furniture is innovation. Metal furniture is currently the most popular and fashionable light luxury furniture series. Its highlight is the metal texture of the mirror, which forms a strong contrast with the soft package, making the appearance of the furniture more unique and unique. Attractive.
When designing metal parts, we must first consider the appearance of the effect, and then we need to consider how to achieve it. After all, not all metal shapes can be produced smoothly. Stainless steel is not suitable for making difficult and special-shaped products. It is more suitable for simple and simple line design. Highlight the fashionable and simple style. Therefore, stainless steel is suitable for modern furniture, stylish and simple furniture, and furniture with innovative lines.
With the continuous promotion of applications and increasing demand, standardization has gradually become popularized. Metal feet and metal brackets have formed standardized products. It is convenient for sofa furniture manufacturers to directly apply to the finished product. Just add a soft package to the metal bracket. Sponge cushions can complete the finished sofa.
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Well, this issue will bring you to know here. If you are interested in light luxury furniture, you can check the furniture series column on the CBSA international website, you will get more new creative products and the latest information.


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