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What are the accessories for frameless glass doors and how to install them?

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When it comes to the accessories and installation of glass doors, everyone will find it simple. In fact, to install glass doors, you must choose high-quality door accessories to be safer and more assured in use.
Frameless glass door accessories generally have the following types: we can see from the picture that there are different accessory solutions according to the design structure of the glass door. Included accessories are floor springs, glass patch fitting, glass door clamps, glass door hinges, glass door floor locks, etc.
glass door patch fitting
1. Floor spring
The floor spring is a hydraulic door closer specially used for glass doors. Instead of a rack and pinion, it uses a worm gear to compress the spring. The worm wheel can rotate in both directions, so the floor spring can open the glass door in two directions. The most important thing about the floor spring is to be able to withstand the weight of the glass door, to prevent the glass door from bottoming out, and not to squeeze the glass door.
glass door floor spring
2. Door Patch fitting
Regardless of whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, because of the characteristics of the glass material itself, it cannot be completely connected to the door frame by hinges like ordinary door products, but fixed from the upper and lower directions through different specifications of door clamps. Live the glass door. This is not only to keep the glass door from deviating from the track, but also to protect the glass door leaf.
3. Door Hinge
Any door product needs to use a hinge hinge, which is a key hardware accessory that connects the door leaf and the door frame. Without it, the door product cannot be used normally. However, due to the characteristics of different door products, the hinges used in various doors are different. For example, gates usually use bearing hinges, which are larger in size and can withstand heavy gates. The glass door needs to use a special glass door hinge.
4. Door lock
The door locks of glass doors are also different from the door locks of other doors. The door locks of other doors are usually integrated with the door handle, which is the epilogue space and is very beautiful. The glass door is different, its door lock and door handle are separate. Sometimes for safety, the door lock is used on the door handle. These are all determined by the unique characteristics of the glass door.
How to install frameless glass door:
1. Pay-off positioning: At the beginning of installation of frameless glass doors, the fixed glass partitions and movable glass door leaves must be placed in a unified location. After determining the position of the door frame, accurately measure the ground elevation and the top elevation of the door frame.
2. Install the limit slot on the top of the frameless glass door frame: two metal decorative board edges are drawn from the center line of the bomb, and then install the limit slot on the top of the door frame according to the edge lines.
3. Install the wooden bottom bracket of the metal finish of the frameless glass door: nail the square wood to the original embedded wooden bricks, or nail the square wood through expansion bolts, fix the square wood on the ground, and then use the universal glue to fix the metal decorative panel Glue it to the wooden square.
4. Install the hard-facing door frame: nail the square wood of the door frame according to the center line of the bomb, and then use plywood to determine the shape and position of the door frame column. When it is fixed, the metal decorative surface is covered.
5. Installation of the glass door leaf of the frameless glass door: Use a glass suction cup (or glass suction cup machine) to suck the thick glass tightly, and then hold the suction cup to lift the thick glass plate by 2 to 3 people and move it upright. The installation site is ready to be in place.
6. Glass fixing: Nail two flat square wooden strips inside and outside on the bottom bracket to sandwich the thick glass, but leave a gap of about 4mm from the thick glass plate, and then apply all-purpose glue on the flat square wooden strips Glue the facing metal plate to the square wood and two flat square wood strips.
7. Inject glass glue to seal: inject glass glue into the gaps on both sides of the top root slot, on both sides of the bottom bracket glass slot, and the seam between the thick glass and the door frame column.
8. Butt joint between glass of frameless glass door: The thick glass plate of the fixed part must be assembled with two or more pieces due to the large width. The alignment and splicing of the two pieces will inevitably form a seam, but the seam A distance of 2~3mm should be left.
glass door patch fittingpatch fittingglass door floor lock
Precautions for installation of frameless glass doors:
1. The glass door fittings should choose the appropriate size, otherwise it may not be installed, even if it is reluctantly installed, it will cause inconvenience in use. For example, if the floor spring specifications are selected and cannot bear the weight of the glass door, it will cause the glass door to fall to the ground, which will seriously damage the glass door and cause harm to personnel.
2. When installing the glass door accessories, you must install them according to the overall design of the glass door. For example, the upper and lower door clamps must be kept in a horizontal position, otherwise the glass door leaf cannot be installed. In order for the glass door to work normally, the installation angle needs to be corrected repeatedly.
3. Be careful when installing glass door accessories, especially the part that is in contact with the glass door, because if you apply too much force, the glass door will be crushed, so install the glass door accessories lightly.
4. Frameless glass doors need accessories to assist in installation. U-shaped grooves, AB racks, glass suction cups and other tools can be used to fix the door leaf or other objects. The installation method is basically the same as the surface installation method of ordinary doors.
If you want to know the relevant accessories and technical parameters of the glass door, please check the products, introduction and purchase of the glass accessories column of the CBSA international official website to meet the normal glass door installation and use needs.


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