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Manufacturing method of high-end stainless steel stair railing

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There are many varieties of stainless steel railings. The common ones are made of ordinary stainless steel tubes. The high-end color stainless steel railings are made of colorful stainless steel materials through complex processing techniques. The appearance is very luxurious, beautiful and high-grade. The price is also very expensive, it is equivalent to an exquisite artwork, suitable for high-end hotels, KTV bars, clubs, home villas and other places.

The advantages of high-grade stainless steel railings are their beautiful appearance, high-quality texture and high-grade, making the entire indoor space full of luxurious artistic flavor. It is applied to high-end commercial places to attract more customers to come to consume and experience.
Regarding the customization of colored stainless steel railings, first determine the style of the railing, and then determine the relevant parameters for installing the stairs. Customize the railings according to the parameters. Usually, more accessories are ordered so that insufficient accessories can be supplemented during installation.
Stainless steel railings are made up of various accessories, including columns, handrails, large starting columns, corner columns and relative small accessories. Therefore, when customizing, you need to calculate according to the design effect, and add 10% of the accessories to supplement. In this way, the whole set of accessories is completed and shipped to the scene through Rose assembly and fixing.
For specific customization, we have professional solutions and technical guidance, and provide professional technical and installation services. To learn more about the installation and application of colored stainless steel stair railings, please continue to pay attention to CBSA International, we will continue to update more new products and technical knowledge.


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