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How to apply color stainless steel stair railing?

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enerally speaking, stair railings are used outdoors and indoors, and are conventionally made of white steel pipes. Nowadays, colorful railings have appeared, mainly used in indoor high-end places, villas, hotels, KTV bars and other spaces, highlighting the grade of indoor space.

As a high-end stair railing, the production cost and difficulty are relatively high, and the process is much more complicated. It is equivalent to the artwork of the staircase. Each accessory is produced separately, completed by a variety of processing techniques, and then assembled by the accessories.
Color stainless steel stair railings, according to different styles, the craftsmanship is also different, the application effect is also different. At present, the craftsmanship is mature, the various appearances are particularly beautiful, the shapes are beautiful, and the colors are rich. It has become the art of space. Although it is a stair railing, it is actually more of an outstanding decorative effect.

This kind of stair railing is a customized product. It is customized according to the requirements of the stairs. On-site assembly, especially the handrail part, requires professional technology to be completed on-site, because the parameters of each staircase are different, and appropriate adjustments and modifications are required on site .
Stair railing accessories are made of all aluminum and then gold-plated, or polished and colored, and some are cast aluminum structures, which are customized according to the shape, and the final processing is completed and then assembled on site.

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