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How to deal with the solder joints of colored stainless steel products?

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It is a bit troublesome to process the solder joints of the colored stainless steel products, because the vacuum titanium-plated tube is made by plating the color and then blanking, and the process requirements of the processing master are relatively high, and the ability to control the spot welding must be strong, and the welding is not good. It will be welded broken or black, and it will not get close. You can't use traditional grinding and polishing, because grinding and polishing will throw away the color of the surface, so I recommend the following methods for your reference:

1. Apply paint. The most direct way is to use the repair paint of the corresponding color. Pay attention when applying, spray the spray paint on the bottle cap, use a brush to dot, dot on the solder joints, just a little bit, the area of ​​the dot is not suitable Too large to prevent pipe surface damage;
The picture below is my recommended repair paint. The main colors are titanium, rose gold, black titanium, and bronze. The color is roughly the same as the color of the pipe (except for color differences between manufacturers)
2. Try to spot welding on the side or full welding on the bevel. Don’t look at the spot welding, try to hide the welding spot
3. The solder joints are covered with decorative parts. After spot welding, use decorative covers or decorative parts to cover the solder joints and shield the solder joints.
4. No soldering assembly. Connect with connectors, without spot welding for assembly, directly lock screws and pull riveting

5. Punching or laser cutting. Pass through the pipe directly, and spot a few welds at the bottom, and no welding spots will be seen
5 methods are provided, hope to help you.


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