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CBSA International, from the perspective of the world, cares for everyone living on the earth. We firmly believe that through the Internet information era, people from all over the world will be connected into one big family and share the new products, new information, new services and new experiences brought by CBSA International. Let us meet the bright future and create a happy life together.

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aboutCBSA International Service Innovation Efficient Operation

CBSA International is a professional colored stainless steel cross-border service company integrating design, production, processing, application and installation. Provide global customers with product customization, solution design, processing services, technical support, application installation services, and solve various procurement needs and difficulties of customers.

The company's products are mainly based on metal materials, including colored stainless steel plates, stainless steel products processing, stainless steel profiles and application design, interior metal decorative partition screens, modern and safe metal fiberglass doors, stainless steel commercial display cabinets, and star-rated hotels and bars. Cabinets and wine racks, stainless steel craft products and daily necessities. With rich products, customers can achieve one-stop purchase completion, reduce comprehensive procurement costs, and have extremely high quality and controllable efficiency.

The company has a professional marketing team, design team, processing technology team, and construction and installation team. It can achieve large-scale customization services and can be deployed to install services around the world. There are currently projects in many countries around the world. Welcome to consult and understand

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